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The Modern Four Poster Bed - Too Over The Top?

Four Poster Bed

So the title of this article is both a pun, and a serious question.

I've always thought that four poster beds were a bit too gaudy for my tastes, but after a recent stay in a B&B which had one, I'm starting to question that.

It was a fairly opulent four poster bed like the one pictured to the left which gave me mixed emotions.

How to Personalise your Child's Bedroom Door

Tardis Bedroom Door

For many children, their bedrooms are an almost sacred place; A place where their imaginations are left to run wild in both their dreams and during play-time. It's also the room in which they will most likely be spending the lions share of their time. As a parent, you want the best for your children. You want them to be comfortable and safe but most importantly, you want them to be happy!