Three Contemporary Kitchen Design Ideas

stainless steel kitchen

Remodeling your kitchen can be a confusing and frustrating task.

With so many ideas, designs, colors, stores, and prices to choose from, the brainstorming process can be long and painstaking; however, all hope is not lost.

The following three kitchen design ideas are here to assist and guide you through the process of choosing the perfect modern look for your new kitchen.

Steel Lover
This is the easiest design to pull off. Why? Absolutely everything is steel. The only colors you need to worry about are the colors of your wall. That choice shouldn’t be a problem considering steel will match any color you choose; however, for a more modern appeal, it’s best to go with bright colors like yellow, neon green, or red.

When it comes to your floor, choose a neutral color and simple tiling pattern that won’t conflict with the steel and color of your wall. The simplest choice would be white, but other off-shades of white will work as well. As for appliances, keep them steel as well, or purchase items that match the color of your wall for a higher contrasting effect.

To keep things most minimal and modern, install a steel island, and use it as your kitchen table as well. This method will maximize space and embrace modern design. If you have a large family, you can find a bigger sized island.

One fun fact about a steel-themed kitchen is it’s easy to clean and keep sanitary. One con about this kitchen is it’s recommended that you install a high quality steel to avoid staining, which can be expensive.

white kitchen

White, White, and More White
White is a simple and traditional color to be used in the kitchen, and when used appropriately, it can be a designer’s modern dream. The trick to this design is to keep the color white as your consistent and most used palette in the kitchen, while matching it with other subtle, very minimal and natural colors. In this example we’ll be using a light wooden surface texture to flatter our white scheme.

In this design, ceiling lights are essential. Consider installing an assortment of aligned small and big bulbs around the centerpieces of your kitchen. If you have a family, a big kitchen table with white legs and light wooden surface would be best. If you’re a couple, consider creating the same white legged, wooden top surface look, but keep it a rectangular island, either alone, or attached at the end of other kitchen counters.

As for counters, storage, and drawers, continue using the same white palette with the light wooden surface. In order to create a very modern appeal, consider using drawers that roll out on a smooth, oiled track. Also, to maximize storage, keep white cabinets up above head level with glass opening doors. This will be where you store plates and glasses. With your other set of counters, disconnected and settled at another wall in the room, add a big petal pantry. Install openings that roll up into the top of the pantry, similar to a garage door. These pantries are easy to purchase of DIY at minimal costs, and offer a lot of food storage.

Finally, keep a simple floor tile pattern, and make it white. Follow the same pattern for the wall separating your counter and upper cabinets.

rustic kitchen

Modern Rustic Appeal
Rustic modern kitchens are great because they keep a very comfortable hospitable feel, and they’re easy to design. For this design, our color palette will revolve around black, and a deep mahogany red.

Keep your counters, drawers, cabinets, appliances, and refrigerator black. Consider installing a small island between your counters and kitchen table for lots of food preparation room. Use a mahogany colored, circular shaped kitchen table with black chairs.

As for the surfaces of your counters and islands, find a light beige-colored glossy stone pattern. Paint your walls either mahogany red to complete the modern rustic look, or a dark brown.

After perfecting the basics, think about cute but chic rustic trinkets and knick-knacks to add to your walls as decoration. Three dimension black stars, which can be purchased nearly everywhere at a low cost, in the same black color of your cabinets would look absolutely great. Don’t go overboard on decoration. Remember, the key to keeping things modern is creating a simple color palette and layout.

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