5 Ways To Improve Your Interior With Things You Already Own!

Vintage Accessories – You know the kind of stuff which you have no use for, but you are somehow too emotionally attached to sell it? That stuff could be ready for a new lease of life as vintage interior accessories. The main examples are usually classic typewriters, sewing machines and cameras. If you want to make a really bold interior statement, you can even up-cycle and spray your typewriter a luminous pink or green!  As well as the obvious benefit of improving your interior, it's really nice to give these forgotten gems a new purpose.

Chalk Board – Having children can lead to an incredible influx of possessions which your little ones will soon grow out of. Most of these items can’t be used again, but there can be some handy stuff in there if you use your imagination. Most children will enjoy making an absolute mess of a chalk board at some point: something which you can utilise in the kitchen once they no longer have a need for it. Whether you use it as a reminder to buy milk, or as a menu for the evening, it's definitely worth rescuing from your child's bedroom.

Upcycle –New furniture can be expensive, and can often stick out like a sore thumb when added to an existing interior with older items of furniture. Most people will have some furniture lurking in a spare room or garage which has only survived for so long because it's more effort to take to the dump than to just leave it be. It's time to utilise these diamonds in the rough. The most popular finish is a distressed white wash style, mainly because it works so well in any kind of interior. Don't be restricted by convention though. Try out any colour that you fancy- that's the beauty of upcycling.

Cardboard Stencils – Improving your home doesn't have to be expensive. You just have to get your thinking cap on. Vinyl decals, with various fun and stylish designs, have become one of the biggest trends over the last couple of years, so why not create your own version for free? Recycle old cardboard by turning it into stencil for your very own wall art. You'll save on the cost of having to buy decals, as well as having the freedom to design it however you like. If you don’t have  any spray paint lying around, why not go for the 'splattered' look by flicking a couple of different coloured paints from your brush. Above all, it's an awful lot of fun!

Kitchen Candle Holders - All of these ideas involve repurposing to an extent, however, the kitchen is the room which has the most opportunity for repurposing, as well as the most opportunity for waste. To avoid waste, you just need to get creative when looking at used items. Jam jars are quite commonly re-used to store other food, but why not repurpose them as unusual candle holders? Old tins, once stripped of the wrapper, can be transformed into beautiful, glowing tea light displays. Simply drill a few holes in a nice pattern, and enjoy the warm glow.