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Basic Sheetrock Repair, Tape And Texture Made Easy: 101

Hole in sheetrock

We really do live our lives in homes that surround us with sheetrock. All walls are covered with it unless it's an older home with a plaster wall treatment. For the most part, if you live in a home in any Western country then you’re surrounded by sheetrock.

Funny Home Improvement Jokes, Humor, and Oddities

Home improvement jokes - fuse toilet

The Electrician, The Dog, and The Parrot

An electrician went to a job at a house with a large dog and a parrot. The owner, sensing the electrician's nerves, said to the electrician that there was no need to worry about the dog, but whatever you do never say a word to the parrot. Relieved, the electrician got to work, the dog sitting there watching him the whole time. All of a sudden after the owner left, the parrot let loose with the meanest tirade of insults at the electrician who, after a few minutes of this, told the parrot to shut up. The parrot replied, “Sick ‘em, Rex!”

Home Soundproofing Tips For Musicians

soundproofing a music room

Here are some handy DIY soundproofing tips that every musician should know about. Start by reading this article, then watch the videos below for demonstrations on how this is done.

If your neighbours have stopped speaking to you since you bought your new drum kit or trumpet and your family and friends are at their wit’s end then it may be time to think about soundproofing your music room.

Can You Have Too Much Oak?

Oak cabinet

I am in the middle of a highly disruptive but nonetheless therapeutic remodelling of my house.

I say therapeutic because I am taking the long overdue opportunity of banishing all the elements of my home that I dislike from my life forever! Apart from the removing of unsightly fitted wardrobes and the demolition of an ugly fireplace the project has involved the pleasant task of selecting new flooring and furnishings for almost every room. As I stood back recently to admire my purchases (but not the hole in the bedroom wall) I realised that much of what I had chosen was oak and I wondered if I had over done it and should have gone for more variety?

Meteorite Explosion: Home Repair Bills Set to Skyrocket in Russia's Chelyabinsk Region [Videos]

Russia meteor

Just when you think your home is protected against everything nature can throw at it - think again!

Spare a thought for the unfortunate people in Russia's Chelyabinsk region who have had windows, doors, and more, blasted in by a Meteorite that came hurtling through the atmosphere today.

Tips For Moving Into A New House

moving house

Moving to a new home can be many things: stressful, overwhelming, frustrating, confusing and full of problems but also exciting and full of the promise that comes with change. In fact if it were not for all of the stresses, moving can actually be somewhat fun. Of course, all of this is amplified if you are moving an entire house worth of possessions, from clothing to furniture to electronics and extension cords, as well as everything in between. If you are well prepared and plan correctly you can help ensure that your move goes as smoothly as possible.