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How To Store Timber

Storing Timber

When you are storing a natural material, such as timber, it is really important to make sure it is stored properly; otherwise you will find it quickly ruins and is no longer suitable for purpose.

How to Remove Difficult Stains From Your Furniture

How to get heat stains out of wood

Though spending hundreds, or sometimes thousands on a piece of furniture can be quite a nice feeling, when something unfortunate happens to the same piece, that feeling of happiness can quickly wash away.

So here are some of the most popular solutions for some of the most unpopular stains:

How to Purge Your Closet

messy closet

Depending on where you live, wardrobe-transitioning time happens one to four times per year. That's when you need to go through your closet, taking out items that are from last season and bringing in the clothing that you will wear over the next few months. While this is a great time to purge items that you no longer wear, many people simply pack clothing away without thinking about whether they want to keep it for another season. Over time, this can lead to a case of closet clutter.

Your Opportunity to be on a UK Home TV Show

The House That £100k Built: Tricks of the Trade

I received an email from Josi Allan at Remarkable Television who is working on a new TV show for BBC Two which is called "The House That £100k Built: Tricks of the Trade" - it's a spin-off from their popular show "The House That £100k Built".

If you live in the UK and are currently doing a self build, renovation or home improvement, then here's your opportunity to be part of the new show.

15 Lifehacks To Gain Storage And Sanity In The Home

If you’re living in a tiny flat or have a large family that comes with a lot of clutter, storage is key to keeping your home tidy and your brain relaxed. Try these tips around your home to help you keep your life tidy and your personal space organised!

Thinking Of Renovating Your Home? Here Is What You Need To Know Before You Get Started

house plans

One of the most exciting projects that a property holder can get involved in is home renovation. Your remodeling may be a simple issue of replacing some kitchen equipment or it could be an overall refashioning of your home. No matter which type of home renovation project you're undertaking, there are a number of issues that need to be addressed before and during renovations.

5 Ideas On How To Renovate Your Old Sofa


Your sofa is probably the most important piece of furniture in your living room, which is the heart of your home. Because sofas represent community and comfort in a home, it’s important to keep your sofa in the very best condition, without buying a brand new sofa - which can be extremely expensive. If you have a sofa that could use some updating, then there are a few things to consider before giving it a new lease of life. These tips will help you renovate your old sofa into a work of art.

3-D Printing Can Build A House In A Snap!

3D House Printing

Apparently, we’ve come a long way since prefab housing construction—the answer to lower costs in residential construction.

The University of Southern California has taken it step further by creating a macro printer that can construct an entire house in less than 24 hours.

Real Ceramic Tile Vs Peel-And-Stick Floor Tiles: Which Is Better For Me?

Ceramic Tile Vs Peel-And-Stick Floor Tiles

The use of real ceramic tile vs. peel-and –stick floor tile: Which is better for me? This is a question of budget and a homeowner’s willingness to invest in their home. Real ceramic tile requires a mixture placed underneath the tile to hold it to the floor. A good pair of kneepads is necessary to keep the tile pressured. Some tiles need a sizing cut to install; this requires a special tool and takes a great deal of patience. A professional custom homes dealer might prefer to install this brand of tile, in order to get the best look for the home.

4 Air Conditioners Compared

Bryant air conditioners

If you live in an area that gets fairly warm in the summer, you likely want the comfort of an air conditioner to keep your home from getting too hot. There are many brands of air conditioners, and each of them manufacture dozens of units, which means that finding the right unit for your home can be a challenge.

Here is a product guide to help you compare five of the most popular brands of air conditioners. You can get an idea of what each one offers and whether or not they are the economical choice for your home.