Social Smart Lock from August

August Smart Lock

Here's a new concept in home automation - the August Smart Lock which this start-up company is billing as a 'social' lock. BTW - August is the name of the company, not the month in which their product was launched.

Ok, so locks seem more like anti-social devices, after-all their primary purpose is to keep people out - not to help you be social. But this is where August have turned the old idea of locks upside-down.

It lets you send Virtual Keys to anyone you want to provide access to. You can control when these 'keys' can be used, and you can revoke access at any time. The following promotional video from the company will give you the basic idea:

The system has been designed to retrofit to existing deadbolts, and you can also use your old physical key anytime you want to.

“Today there is a discrepancy between the sophistication of some parts of home living – like our sound systems – and the constant friction in others – like security. The August Smart Lock is a simpler, safer and more social system for access control that is easy to install and use,” said August co-founder and CEO Jason Johnson.

“August is about technology that puts you at ease,” said August co-founder and designer Yves Behar. “Sure and reliable, August is a complete, secure and attractive system for the users and guests that depend on it.”

The company plans to begin shipping the Smart Lock later this year.

The expected street price is $199.

For more information visit their website at

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