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Information about home safety equipment as well as alarms and smoke & carbon monoxide detectors. For information about combined Smoke & CO Alarms see this review. Also don't miss our report on DIY Home Alarm Systems.

Dig Safely With The Help Of A Metal Detector

using a metal detector

No matter what your home improvement project, if you’ve got to dig up the ground to get it done, you’ll need to know what’s underneath the ground before you start digging.  In situations like these, metal detectors can come in very handy! Here to tell us more about how metal detectors can be used to help homeowners dig up their property safely is Daniel Bernzweig of

5 Pollutants You Didn't Know Existed in Your Tap Water

Pollutants in Tap Water

You wake up in the middle of the night and wander into the kitchen for a drink of water. Like most people, you give no thought to the water coming out of the tap or white might be hiding in it. The fact is your community's water is probably supplied, at least in part, by streams, lakes and reservoirs that are open to the air or by groundwater that is susceptible to contamination from many sources. Here are a few things that you might not have known were in your last glass of water.

What Home Upgrades Will Increase Home Security And Comfort At The Same Time?

What Home Upgrades Will Increase Home Security And Comfort At The Same Time?

When you think about making home improvements, you may initially think about ways to make your home look better and improve its value at the same time. However, you should also consider practical improvements. Some improvements may help you to increase home security, which can give you more peace of mind when you are relaxing inside your home with loved ones. Many of these same upgrades can help you to feel more comfortable at home as well. If you are looking for some great home improvement ideas, these should be at the top of your list:

Is It Safe To Stay Home During Pest Control Work?


If you hire the experts to eliminate your pest control problem then you should not have any problem with the safety of anyone in your home. It’s important to hire an exterminator who is state licensed. This means that they have the expertise not only to carry out the work, but also do an inspection then advise you on any safety precautions you need to take.

4 of the Best DIY Wireless Home Security Systems

DIY home alarm systems
I originally wrote this roundup of the best DIY home security alarm systems back in April of 2013, however a lot has changed since then so I've reviewed the market again to find which home wireless systems are the best ones to consider as we move into 2015.

Basic Home Fire Safety Preparedness

Home Fire Safety

When I was fifteen I very nearly set fire to our house - it wasn't a deliberate act, it was just the kind of carelessness that teenagers are famous for. I was intending to deep-fry some dinner and I put a big pot of oil on the stove, put the lid on and got distracted. About 45 minutes later when I lifted the lid off the pot it immediately burst into flames.

How to Test Your Pipes for Lead

old water pipes

It’s a possible area of risk that may be in your house right now – lead pipes. Lead is a toxic metal that causes harm when it is inhaled or swallowed. While many may be aware of the risk of breathing in lead from lead paint chips and dust, lead used in plumbing fixtures can also transfer the toxin into your water supply.

Pennsylvania Residents Must Have Carbon Monoxide Detectors

No one particularly likes it when the Government tells us what to do in our own homes, particularly when a law mandates buying things to put in our homes, but sometimes it is for the best.

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett signed a bill into law last month which adds his state to the growing number that have some kind of mandatory requirement to install Carbon Monoxide Detectors.

In the case of Pennsylvania you are required to install them in your home if:

How To Avoid Disasters On A Construction Site

Five Opportunities for Disaster on a Construction Site

Construction has come a long way since the days of the robber barons and the Empire State building, where many workers died building what we consider today to be our greatest achievements of the time. Today, safety procedures and industry regulations work every day to save the lives of construction workers across the country, and we are a better country and a better construction industry for it.

Why Electrical DIY Is A Ridiculous Thing To Do

DIY Electrical Repairs

DIY is a booming industry that just doesn’t seem to be losing any popularity. As the nation tightens its belts and looks to save money and time 93% of people have attempted some form of DIY. As people up and down the country are climbing ladders, taking up drills, screwdrivers and hammers and extending themselves beyond their reach people are getting injured.