5 Fabulous Ways To Make Your Staircase Much More Interesting

When you decide to make your home more beautiful the staircase is probably the last place you think of adding a little flair to, but if it's something you might be interested in I have a few ideas you'll definitely love.

50 shades of blue

50 might be a little exaggeration, but once you understand what I'm talking about you'll think it's a cool idea. Let's imagine for a second there are 20 separate stairs leading up to your top landing. You could start with a dark shade of blue on the bottom stair and the shades could get lighter until you eventually got to the one at the top. You would only need to paint the vertical section of each stair, plus if you're not too fond of blue you could use almost any other color you want.

Multicolored stairs

If you're not keen on the last idea because you don't like the thought of using one color you might like this idea instead. The basic principle is still the same except you can to paint your stairs multiple colors. Just like the last example you would only need to paint the vertical section of each stair, which would look cool when anyone walked into your home because they would just see a rainbow-colored staircase. Be careful when choosing which colors to use because you want them to look good together.

Multicolored stairs

Your favorite books

This might win the award for the most inventive staircase in the world, but if you decide to do it inside your home it's going to stand out more than anything else. You will need to paint each stair in the design of your favorite book. The flat portion of the stair can be the front cover and the vertical portion will be the spine of the book. It's maybe a good idea to go for classics because your favorite books probably change all the time and you don't want to repaint a different individual stair every year.

A painted carpet

In some homes you'll usually see a carpet running down the middle of the stairs. It certainly looks good, but it's also a trip hazard. A much easier solution would be to paint the carpet on yourself. If you get a professional to do it for you they'll be able to paint almost any carpet design imaginable. This works a lot better if the artist is skilled and there should be lots of details in the carpet painting otherwise it will just look like someone has spilled a tub of paint down your stairs.

A colorful rail

This one is only going to work if your staircase has a rail, but if it does you're definitely in luck because the rail is usually the main attraction anyway. Most of the time they look boring, or if someone is goes to a little effort the rail might look a lovely wooden color. You can go a little crazier by painting each of the rail poles a different color. Just like other things we've mentioned you need to make sure the colors look good together, but I'm sure you can come up with something amazing.