Rubber Entrance Mats – Make Your Door Entrance Look Dazzling

rubber entrance mat

Why are entrance mats so appealing to one’s home? Can they actually make it look better and brighter? Yes, they can; rubber entrance mats are not just meant to stop dirt and grime from invading your property, they’re also aimed at improving the overall décor of your entryway.

The plethora of types, designs, and colors available in the marketplace is endless, so if you’re looking to make your residence more welcoming for your guests, now would be the perfect time to invest in a high-quality rubber entrance mat.

Rubber mats are both chic and practical

Believe it or not, rubber mats are both chic and practical. Just because you’re looking for a mat to place in the hallway, doesn’t mean you should opt for a totally unappealing rug. Always think in the best interest of your home. Rubber is an excellent material because it’s weather-proof, resistant, and it’s not slippery on surfaces such as hardwood, marble, or granite. The material is long-lasting, and it can be easily washed with water and soap. Furthermore, you have an endless color palette to choose from, so don’t forget to match your mat with the overall design of your hallway to make things even more interesting.

General properties of rubber entrance mats

Unlike some other types of materials, rubber mats are non-slippery and weather-proof. They’re made of recycled materials and are a great addition to your entryway. As opposite to home mats and runners, rubber mats are created to have a more aggressive surface. An ingenious grit top layer cleans people’s shoes efficiently, dries quickly, and repels water. Furthermore, the patented surface is meant to be sturdy in order to fight well with harsh weather conditions. As far as sizing is concerned, you are advised to purchase a rubber mat that can comfortably accommodate both feet. A 3’ x 5’ rubber mat for example, might work just fine for your entryway.

Types of mats you should consider for your residence

rubber mat

The market is packed with all kinds of mats and runners that promise to hold grime and dirt in the most efficient way possible. Yet, believe it or not, not all mats out there are of the highest quality. Rubber is an extremely durable material that can be used in combination with numerous other materials to make a home look dazzling.

Waterhog mats – a classic waterhog mat for example, is probably one of the most popular types in the industry. It comes in various color palettes and it features a waffle-like pattern that makes it unique. It’s aggressive enough to scrape debris and dirt, yet it’s equally stylish to make any hallway look modern and appealing. Made from an anti-static polypropylene material, it dries extremely fast, and if you want to clean the excess dirt all you have to do is shake it.

Ribbed entrance mats – these types of mats have high-low ridges spread along the mat’s length. Their purpose is to ease up the shoe cleaning process, and due to the rubber insertions it won’t slip away from under your feet. The ridged design promotes a stable surface, while at the same time removing safely all kinds of dirt and grime from people’s feet. If your home features a long hallway, nothing fits best than a long ribbed rubber mat.

Scraper rubber mats – these durable, heavy-duty rubber mats have drainage holes for areas with increased outside humidity. Made of skid-resistant rubber, they’re not slippery, they come in a variety of colors and designs, and they will match perfectly with any home’s interior or exterior design. Whether you want to invest in a plain black mat or you’d like to compliment your porch with a yellow-shaded type to match with the exterior of your home, it’s all up to you to decide.

Rubber mats are not just practical and efficient; they’re also stylish and chic. COBA have an excellent range of mats available in classic shades such as black, cherry-red, yellow, green, and blue - these entry rugs will certainly boost the appeal of your home. Make sure to invest in a top-quality entrance mat that’s both durable and eco-friendly. Guests will certainly appreciate that you decided to improve a plain hallway décor by adding a practical and stylish rubber mat.