A British Classic - Portmeirion China

Portmeirion China

By combining classic designs with new, contemporary styles that appeal to a wide, global audience, Portmeirion has successfully combined being both a heritage and a modern brand.

Its founders were Susan Williams-Ellis and her husband Euan Cooper-Willis who established the business in 1960 in Stoke-on-Trent. Susan's expert eye and skill in producing striking patterns led to Portmeirion china becoming popular around the world, with many of her designs now regarded as iconic.

Well known Portmeirion ranges

The Botanic Garden range is probably the most recognizable. It was first made in 1972 and is still produced today. Pieces are very sought after by china collectors across the world. The inspiration for the range came when Susan found an old encyclopedia filled with drawings of plants and flowers. New products and motifs are regularly added with more than 30 different flowers used in the designs.

Popular modern designs include Dawn Chorus and Crazy Daisy, both by Sophie Conran. Sophie, daughter of acclaimed designer Sir Terence Conran, has been producing ranges of tableware, kitchen and glass for Portmeirion since 2006 and her influence helps to keep the company fresh, modern and up to date.

Another successful collaboration is with the famous wallpaper company Sanderson. There is a beautiful range using an original 1950s print which uses hourglass silhouette drawings with a feel of the work of the fashion designer Christian Dior.

The quality of Portmeirion products is exceptional and to help customers, their website includes a care guide for every range and every product within the range. How's that for customer service? Followed correctly you will get many, many happy years out of your pieces.

Will Portmeirion continue to stand the test of time?

So is Portmeirion still worth buying today? The continuing success of its well established lines and its ability to produce popular contemporary pieces means that Portmeirion china continues to occupy a proud place on kitchen and dining tables and display cabinets all over the world. It is also often to be found on wedding gift lists.

The enduring appeal of Portmeirion looks set to continue with new ranges bringing back old customers and helping to welcome new ones. There really is something for everyone whether you like bold colour or prefer simple whites.

So whether you want a timeless and distinctive classic or a more contemporary design, Portmerion China will give you years of pleasure and add a very definite quality to any style of home.