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Would You Hang An Animal Trophy On Your Wall? Maybe, With This Twist...

I was browsing around Indiegogo today when I discovered one of the more interesting decorating ideas I've seen in a long time: PaperTrophy as the artist, Holger Hoffmann, calls his concept.

Holger has taken inspiration from old fashion trophy animals that people used to kill and mount on walls or stands, to produce a much more humane, and to my way of thinking, far more appealing version for the 21st century. As Holger says, "Don't shoot them - glue them!"

Modern Vs Retro Ceiling Lights

Modern Retro Rustic Lighting

My brother and I were watching one of those reality TV home improvement shows when a couple competing to see who could do the best remodel had to decide on the type of lighting they were going to select. They were arguing over whether they should go with a modern contemporary style or more of a retro look in the living room.

This started a discussion between myself and my brother about what really constitutes the difference between modern and retro, after-all there are many 'modern' styles which are revamped from previous eras, and even contemporary designs which borrow from times long ago.

Rubber Entrance Mats – Make Your Door Entrance Look Dazzling

rubber entrance mat

Why are entrance mats so appealing to one’s home? Can they actually make it look better and brighter? Yes, they can; rubber entrance mats are not just meant to stop dirt and grime from invading your property, they’re also aimed at improving the overall décor of your entryway.

The plethora of types, designs, and colors available in the marketplace is endless, so if you’re looking to make your residence more welcoming for your guests, now would be the perfect time to invest in a high-quality rubber entrance mat.

Decorate with Personalized Art

Example of a personalized portrait

Original paintings are a great way to add a touch of style to your home, but commissioning an artist to paint one for you can be a rather costly exercise.

One way of reducing the cost, which I used to do fairly regularly, is to scour yard sales for artwork that other people no longer value. I've had a lot of fun doing this, and I've found some great paintings in the process, but what do you do if you have a specific thing you would like a painting of like your house or maybe a portrait of your children for the grandparents?

The Beauty Of Driftwood


Driftwood is timber debris which has spent time in the water and then has been washed ashore by the action of the tides and weather. It can be found on beaches and on the shorelines of many rivers and lakes. The minerals in the water, salt and the exposure to the sun eventually bleach the driftwood and the material can also form into interesting shapes and become smooth at the edges. Driftwood has a natural beauty which makes it a popular material for use in decorative items, furniture, sculptures and as natural looking features in aquariums.

Crafty Kitchen Decor Tips From Four Top Celebrity Chef Kitchens

Looking for some kitchen remodeling ideas? Take a peek into some of today's famous celebrity chefs' kitchens for a bit of inspiration. Whether you're going country or contemporary, these few kitchens are sure to help formulate ideas for crafty kitchen decor.

A British Classic - Portmeirion China

Portmeirion China

By combining classic designs with new, contemporary styles that appeal to a wide, global audience, Portmeirion has successfully combined being both a heritage and a modern brand.

Its founders were Susan Williams-Ellis and her husband Euan Cooper-Willis who established the business in 1960 in Stoke-on-Trent. Susan's expert eye and skill in producing striking patterns led to Portmeirion china becoming popular around the world, with many of her designs now regarded as iconic.