Better Attic Storage Ideas

Attic Storage Ideas

Attics are ideal for storing a variety of items you only use from time to time, but in order for it to be a functional storage solution for your home, rather than a dumping ground where things have a nasty habit of ‘disappearing’, it's time for some better attic storage ideas to keep everything tidy and organized up there.

Sort Everything

The majority of people only ever sort through the items up in their attic when they are moving home, but if you want your attic storage to be practical, you need to start from scratch. Go through all of the items thoroughly, and discard anything you no longer want or need. As a general rule, if you have not used it in the past couple of years, then you probably never will.

Be ruthless, after all, one persons’s junk is another's treasure! Garage sales or charity shops are one answer or you could try one of the online sites and either give away the stuff you don't need or even auction it.

Label Everything

Label absolutely everything, as clearly as you can. You will be so pleased you did when you are up in the attic to retrieve an item six months down the line. It may be fresh in your mind right now, but this information is unlikely to remain in your head for long! Which box has the engraved wedding glasses?

Unusable Items

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Variations in the temperature and humidity of the attic can make it unsuitable for storing items like photographs, musical instruments like guitars or violins made from wood, or old family home movie tapes, so these kinds of items must be stored elsewhere in the home. The same thing applies if you have old bottles of wine you want to keep.


For the most safe and convenient access to the attic, you should consider installing a proper retractable loft ladder, which tucks away neatly when not in use. If the current hatch is on the small side, you could consider enlarging it a little at the same time. If you have sufficient floor space and a larger budget then you could even consider having a fixed stairway fitted.

Solid Ground

Covering your floor joists with attic boards will make the whole room far safer and easier to use. This job will need to be completed before fitting or filling any storage units and although it might seem like an unnecessary expense it is a very worthwhile investment for both practical and safety reasons.

Bespoke Storage

One of the better attic storage ideas to maximize every bit of space is to choose bespoke cupboards and shelving for your attic. This allows you to make the most of the awkward area under the eaves. If you are not blessed with DIY abilities, get a quote from a couple of local tradesmen. Gable end walls are ideal for fixing shelves onto or against.

Unique Thinking for Unique Spaces

Think laterally about your storage options for the space and use a combination of shelving, cupboards and hanging storage to best suit the available space, your budget and the items you plan to store away.

Storage Containers

Rather than use cardboard boxes, which are less durable, a better idea is to look for more sturdy solutions. Purchasing plastic containers for your storage allows you to stack items and save space and because they more durable, the containers will offer far better protection to keep your belongings in great condition.

Cedar boxes are a wonderful choice for the storage of fabric if you can get hold of them as this wood deters any of the critters that would be tempted to snack on fabric items!

Let There Be Light

If you aren’t able to get an electric light safely rigged up in the attic then the next best option and in some ways equally good is to use a head torch available online or from camping supply shops. A head torch will enable you to keep your hands free to carry things whilst seeing exactly what you are doing and where your putting your feet.

After All That Work...

Once you have your attic storage solutions worked out, you can go through the items you are storing in other areas of your home to filter out suitable items to be stored in the attic instead. The reward at the end of all this hard work is a home that looks, feels and functions just the way you want it to! It would be a shame to let all that valuable space go to waste.