Simple Air Conditioner Repair Tips

Air conditioner

Your air conditioner should provide you with many years of trouble free service. Air conditioner is like any other major appliances, it breaks. If and when things do go wrong it can be very useful for the home owner to have a little air conditioner repair knowledge to save on expensive repair bills. Some repairs are best left to the professionals however some types of air conditioner repair are safe and relatively simple to tackle.

The way that air conditioners work is generally very similar irrespective of the make, model or age of your unit. Basically there are a couple of separate units; one is the condenser and the other the evaporator.

Safety First

Before considering any type of air conditioner repair it is vital that the electricity supply is completely disconnected for your own safety.  Do not be tempted to tamper with your air conditioning unit until the electricity is switched off at the main supply point. Air conditioner units have either one or maybe even two capacitors which store the electricity, even if the power has been switched off.

These are generally found close to the fan at the back of the control panel. If you don't discharge the capacitor after unplugging the air conditioner you could receive a very nasty shock if you are not sure how to discharge the capacitors check it out in the owner's manual if you can't find it then leave the job to the experts for your own safety.

First Thing To Check

One of the biggest problems with this type of air conditioning unit is dirt the fixed unit is sealed with the coils, compressor, fans, motor and any thermostat controls. If your air conditioner loses some of its efficiency and becomes expensive to run without really doing the job it is designed for then it could be a simple problem of dirt clogging up the mechanism. The efficiency of the evaporator coil will be lowered and the fan which blows the cool air out can become clogged up. The filters can become clogged and the drain ports blocked  all of which results in an air conditioner which cannot work to maximum efficiency.  Simply cleaning the air conditioner unit could resolve any problems.

More Things To Check

Air conditioners can fail to work for many other different reasons;

  • Lack of power if your air conditioner unit won't run it could be something as simple as a blown fuse, tripped circuit breaker or faulty cord and plug. Check these things first.
  • If the motor still won't run it could be something as simple as an overload wait for half an hour and reset.
  • If it the unit is running but not cooling the room as much as it should it could be something as simple as the thermostat at a setting which is too high.

All of these things can be resolved quickly and easily. For any other major air conditioner repairs you are always advised to call in a professional.

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