10 things that have no place in your home, yet you’ll want to buy them all

10 unneeded household items

We all have those random items in our house that just sit back quietly, gathering dust and basking in the fact that we actually decided to purchase them. However, when we need something, we need something, right? Here’s a list of 10 things which I guarantee you’ll want in your house after reading about them, no matter how much you don’t need them.

1. A huge bean bag

After getting in from a long, hard day at work, walking up a flight of stairs is the last thing you want to do. Naturally, the second point of call would be to throw yourself onto the sofa and preferably stay there until getting up is absolutely necessary. A beanbag is the best of both worlds – the comfort of a bed and convenience of a sofa – and whilst the investment may be needless, it will certainly be worth it.

2. A beer hat

beer hat

Okay, so not necessarily a household item but stealthily earning its place on this list nevertheless. Perfect for when you just don’t want to move from your seat – which for me is often – and convenient when having friends over for a few drinks. The cans can be placed at either side of the hat, which also saves on washing up. It’s a win/win situation.

3. A doormat with a clever or funny quote

However unnecessary this may be, a doormat quote is the ultimate chance to show the world your personality. Whether it’s wise words of wisdom from Gandhi, or a distasteful joke, which attracts many a reaction from those who step through your front door, the doormat makes your first impression for you. So choose wisely.

4. A self-stirring mug

Do I even need to explain this one? Yes, they exist. And yes, you never have to stir your drink again.

5. A spice rack

No matter what any kitchen or food connoisseur tells you, spice racks are purposeless. Yet it’s probably one of the first things I will buy when I get my own house. I mean, I’m sure we all have cupboards in our kitchens, which are perfectly suitable for storing spices. But offering to show someone your spice cupboard just doesn’t have the same effect as offering to show them your spice rack.

6. A banana protector

Such a great invention. I can’t imagine many people own them, but they should. The days of having your banana bruised in your bag are no more with the purchase of a banana protector. And although it has only one function, this kitchen gadget is running for a great cause.

7. A cheese slicer

cheese slicer

I only discovered that these things existed when we had a Norwegian exchange student stay at our house around four years ago. He brought a cheese hamper with him as a gift, which included a cheese slicer. We have had so much use out of that cheese slicer, and any cheese we ever eat is always sliced evenly.

8. Reusable ice cubes

My mum bought some of these recently, and although they sound completely useless and definitely like something that would never work, they do the job. The ice cubes are basically hollow, cube-shaped pieces of plastic filled with water, which are kept in the freezer and used to keep your drink cool. Then when you’re finished with your drink, you simply wash the ice cubes and pop them back in the freezer.

9. A water filter jug

Personally, these things confuse me. However, the majority of people understand the want for filtered water straight from the fridge, whilst I really don’t mind using a tap. That being said, those who do feel more comfortable knowing that the water they drink is completely filtered, a filter jug may be a purchase worth thinking about. Unnecessary, but understandable.

10. A bread machine

My best friend’s mum has one of these, and I’ll always remember arriving at her house around Christmas time and being welcomed by the most amazing fragrance of an infusion of rosemary and garlic being baked into a loaf of bread. All in the bread machine. Again, such a pointless purchase and arguably a waste of money, but when bread tastes that good, money may not be an issue.

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