Answer Your Doorbell from Anywhere with a Smartbell


For years now we've had the promise that 'smart homes' were just around the corner, and although it's been a long time coming, recent falls in the cost of smart technology have seen quite a few new products come out over the last year - and the latest one that caught my attention is the smartbell.

In a nutshell, this product lets you answer your doorbell from anywhere using your smartphone.

In addition to that, smartbell connects to any Z-WAVE compatible device such as locks and garage doors allowing you to control access via your smartphone as well.

The designers of this product, Scrambled Brains Tech LLC, have put a great deal of thought into it - I quite like its simplicity in terms of installation and use. You only need a screwdriver to install it (anti-theft screws are provided) and a home wi-fi internet router to send the signals to your smartphone.

The following promotional video gives you a good sense of what the smartbell can do:

It's compatible with both iOS and Android phones and comes with an app which you can install on up to 10 smartphones. You can decide which phones, possibly all of them, it contacts when someone rings your doorbell.

The smartbell isn't commercially available just yet, but I've been in contact with the company making it and they tell me there will be a crowfunding campaign launched soon to enable it to be brought to market - I'll update this article with more information once I have it to hand.

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