Crafty Kitchen Decor Tips From Four Top Celebrity Chef Kitchens

Looking for some kitchen remodeling ideas? Take a peek into some of today's famous celebrity chefs' kitchens for a bit of inspiration. Whether you're going country or contemporary, these few kitchens are sure to help formulate ideas for crafty kitchen decor.

1. Paula Deen's Country Kitchen

Paula Deen's southern style shines through from her soul to her kitchen space. Her old fashioned off-white cabinets have a worn appearance, giving the kitchen a sense of old age. To keep it classic, you could choose oil rubbed bronze cabinet hardware that matches the homey aura without conflicting the well-aged and the modern look. Investing in copper pots and pans may be a good way to match your cabinet hardware, too.

Paula Deen Country Kitchen

2. Rachael Ray's Contrasting Kitchen

Celebrity Chef Rachael Ray's stage kitchen is quite unique when compared to other cooking show kitchens. It sports a classic 50s feel with a few modern touches. The bright orange stove and brick backsplash are contrasted by the sky blue Big Chill fridge to the far right. The cabinet hardware on her soft yellow drawers and kitchen cabinets has a sleek, smooth nickel appearance, adding that fairly modern touch to an otherwise picture-perfect 50s kitchen.

 Rachael Ray Kitchen

3. Guy Fieri's Hot And Stylish Kitchen

HGTV's Diners, Drive-ins and Dives host Guy Fieri has not one but two stove ranges in his kitchen. One is the typical top with the four burners, but the other is particularly handy when it comes to extra large pots. Guy's got a 27,500-BTU Viking burner for when it's time to break out the big boys. The kitchen also has a counter made from old barn wood in front of the stove tops with a few stools. Perfect for entertaining guests. The dark cabinets offset the light barn wood counter, and the cabinet hardware appears to be of pewter color and classy design.

Guy Fieri' Kitchen

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4. Martha Stewart's Modern And Clean Kitchen

Martha Stewart has always been practical, and her modern kitchen is a perfect example. The color scheme of her kitchen appears to be different shades of gray to match her stainless steel appliances and cabinet hardware. And island on wheels sits in the middle of her kitchen, perfect for extra storage space under its counter that can easily double as a table surrounded by stools. Islands are handy for larger kitchens for that reason, so if it fits, investing in an island might be a good decision for you.

Martha Stewart Kitchen

These four celebrity chef kitchens are sure to get your creative juices flowing when it's time to tackle your own. Make sure you always do your homework to avoid having salespeople taking advantage of you. Create a budget and stick to it, and before you know it you'll have a new and improved kitchen that didn't break the bank. And you'll live happily ever after. 


I always use to think about Martha Stewart's kitchen, but never thought i can actually see it. Thanks for sharing such wonderful kitchens. I will definitely do changes in my kitchen accordingly.

These are really the wonderful kitchens, and now after looking at these, I can make little changes and improvements in my personal kitchen also.