Design Ideas For Galley Kitchens

Example of a Galley Kitchen

The kitchen is the one room in the home where having space is a godsend.

With appliances, gadgets, cooking paraphernalia and utensils all competing for essential space, a kitchen can soon become cluttered and untidy if not kept in check. Having a galley kitchen in your home provides an extra challenge, because of the shape and size, with space being at a premium. But that's not to say you can't create inspirational design ideas for a galley kitchen; it just takes extra consideration. Here are some tips how.

The considerations of a galley kitchen

Galley kitchens are classed as being long and narrow, like a galley on a boat. Because of the space limitations in a galley kitchen, it can make remodelling or designing your kitchen a challenge. But, with a little know-how, a carefully planned and well-designed galley kitchen can be super stylish and clutter free. So, before you start testing out your design ideas, stop and consider what effect they will have on this space.

Focus on space

The main focus of designing your galley kitchen is to create a sense of space. This can be influenced by the layout of your fixtures and fittings, the materials, the colours and light in the kitchen. Because you don't have much floor space, make the most of the walls. Incorporate cabinets along them and consider choosing glass doors on the cabinets so you can display your kitchenware.

Light colours work best in a small galley kitchens as they can increase the sense of space. But, whatever colour scheme you go for, make sure it suits the style and feel of the room that you want to create. Don't mix and match a variety of colour schemes, as it will make the kitchen feel cramped.

Clever storage

Design ideas for a galley kitchen should focus on clever use of storage. One of the neatest tricks for galley kitchen remodelling is to incorporate storage areas that look as though they fit into the wall - opening and closing them at the pull of a handle.

Fold down tables are also perfect for a galley kitchen, as there usually isn't sufficient space to include a table in a kitchen. Or, alternatively, get yourself a couple of bar stools and create a stylish breakfast bar at the end of the worktops.

You can incorporate style into your storage solutions, so don't regard this element as an inconvenience. Utensils hung on the wall can make an attractive display, as can glass jars filled with dried goods. However, only keep items out that you use regularly, otherwise they are taking up valuable kitchen space.

Make the most of the space at the end of your units. You can add storage baskets, cupboards, shelves or drawers to fit in with your chosen colour or design theme.


Lighting is important in any room, but especially so in a galley kitchen. Ensure there is adequate light by adding a large window. But, if this isn't possible, make the most of lighting options. For instance, include spotlights and task lights that can be used for different parts of the kitchen. Incorporate lights into cabinets to make your wall cabinets the focal point of the kitchen.

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If I could have seen this post earlier, I'm sure my kitchen would really look different than what it is now, but yes some of these tips would definitely help me with my renovation