Cute and Fun Designs for Kids’ Bathrooms

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Moving into a new house or if you are planning on renovating can be a challenge. Designing a room for your child will need a lot of careful planning, most especially for their bathroom. You need to consider the functionality, safety and accessibility for your kids when designing their room.

You’d be surprised that you really don’t have to be so fussy about things for the design. Here are simple tips to give you some great design ideas especially for your kid’s bathroom. Wouldn't it be great to see in your child’s eyes the appreciation and happiness that they felt.

Bringing your child to get a bath is difficult, but if you bring out a cute and interesting design for their bathroom, you’d be having a great time getting them out of the bathroom.

colorful duck toy
undersea wall stickers
Undersea wall sticker courtesy of Kids Wall Stickers
  1. Play with colors. The best thing when designing a kid’s bathroom or bedroom is that you can play with a variety of colors and shades that you want to experiment.

  2. Pick a theme or themes and create a perfect design where you can compromise between what your kids would like for their room and what you want to see.

  3. You can use a contemporary design in your kid’s bathroom using fresh green hues to accentuate the room. Bringing out a comfortable feel.

  4. For kids who love a nautical theme, you can decorate your bathroom that would make them feel like they are in a ship.

  5. Creating a fun feel with a duck theme.

  6. Adding mirrors but make sure these mirrors are kid-safe.

  7. Incorporate some vivid colors and patterns to make the room look bright and fun, no matter what theme it is.

  8. Add some nice wall art - you can find shops that sell wall stickers designed for kids. Or use a board-type where they can draw as well. This also makes it more fun for the kids.

  9. You can also opt for a sleek, functional and organized design using well defined lines can still be used for a kid’s bathroom design.

  10. For a cool design added with functionality, make sure that everything is accessible or within reach for them and add some footstool that they can use to reach into the sink.

  11. You can also create an underwater theme in your kid’s walls to create another fun room.

  12. Create an easily accessible room for them with spaces that they can move freely around and not injure themselves with furniture and other items that blocks their way.

  13. Since kids grow up fast that you can imagine, it is safe to use neutral colors or shades with additional add-on or bathroom accessories to accentuate the room. Add-ons can be replaced without spending too much in case your kid has grown up with their old bathroom design.