Bathroom Design Options


So you’re redesigning your bathroom or perhaps you’re designing it for the first time in your new home? Either way you will want it to be stylish, represent your tastes and tie in with the rest of the house. It can be a little daunting when choosing the right bathroom for you as there is so much choice out there. The best thing to do is to get your head around the different styles of bathroom that are out there and once you have decided which style best suits you then you can narrow it down to a specific design. So let’s take a look at the range of styles your new bathroom can come in.


modern bathtub

Modern bathroom designs are extremely popular with younger home owners, they are usually minimalist in their design and extremely sleek. Often black and white are used together in modern bathrooms. If you have always dreamed of having a huge walk in shower with lots of gadgets built into to the wall such as a radio to play while you shower then a modern design may just be for you. Anyone who has watched an episode of MTV Cribs will know just how fancy and modern bathrooms can get as long as you have the budget to back up your ideas. A lot of modern bathrooms don’t bother with a bath and use that extra space to make the shower even more awesome.


classic bathtub

Having a classic bathroom design doesn’t mean that it’s basic; in fact it can mean that it is the glamorous room in the house. The classic design usually uses lots of ceramic, marble and limestone which creates that traditional bathroom look. Lots of classic bathrooms are now moving away from the traditional lay out that most of us are used to and instead placing the bath in the centre of the room. This can change the whole ambiance of the bathroom and allow the bath to act as the centrepiece that ties the rest of the room together. If you are short on space you may want to exclude the shower and just go with the bath.


wooden bathtub

Have you ever considered having a wooden bath tub? Probably not, but there are country style bathroom designs which feature wooden tubs. Don’t worry they are very well finished so there’s no chance of splinters in painful places. Another popular feature of country style bathrooms is a metal based bath such as brass which adds a rustic quality to the room. Once you have decided on the bath then you can design the rest of the features around it such as the toilet, sinks and taps. All of these features will play a big part in the overall feel of the room. In a country style bathroom wooden frames and retro signs can add to the atmosphere of the room and little accessories such as flower pots can go a long way.

Once you have decided which style would best suit the décor of your home then you can get down to nitty gritty of choosing colours, fixtures and accessories. Your bathroom should be unique to you and a place where you can go to relax and shut the outside world out for a while.

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